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About Us

Change how you look at things; and the things you look at change

Pinecone Strategy Limited is a Strategic Advisory Service, Management Capacity Development, and Government Relations agency based in London United Kingdom.

We provide strategic advice to our clients and with a comprehensive set of services.  We offer management consultancy, from start-ups to established companies;  public relations and media support; government affairs; leadership development,  as well as capacity building for Charities and Foundations.  

We adopt a personalised hands-on approach to client service. Our success is built on the success of our clients, and it is measured by our long-term relationships with them.


We work closely with our clients, bringing experience and expertise to achieve real results.

Strategic Advisory Service

Our depth of expertise helps clients at the earliest stage to articulate their key objectives, providing insight, identify risks and opportunities; and helping to define the best strategic direction.  

Government Relations

We help our clients to navigate political landscapes.  Identifying and mapping decision-makers and key stakeholders; government decision-making processes.

Management Capacity Development

We provide human resources management services, leadership development programmes, training, and support to build effective teams.  

Private Foundations and Charities

We consult for high-net-worth individuals and former public office holders, who have a strong charitable interest, to establish private foundations.  We also provide capacity building for charities and social enterprises.

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together

Current Projects

Successes in Driving Excellence Through Partnership

We are working with a major charity in the UK to enhance thinking on equality, diversity, and inclusion; and develop the right systems and structures.

We are working within the Global Future Cities Programme, our expertise in international investment seeks to tackle the challenges related to rapid urbanisation.

We are facilitating discussions with technology experts and policymakers to harness emerging technologies and AI for Africa’s economic and social advancement.

We bring creativity, experience, and innovation to projects